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Zuta Robotic Mobile Printer

Zuta Robotic Mobile Printer


As you know, today’s world of technology is solely based on mobility. Portability has been applied to all types of devices to achieve a variety of business needs. The only mobile resource that has been excluded from this mix is the printer. This is why Zuta decided to develop the Zuta robotic pocket printer, the only compact printer for today’s mobile demands.


Zuta’s pocket printer is essentially an intelligent print head on a small omni-wheel unit, which is equipped with an exclusive mechanical drive system. It’s built to print across a piece of paper while turning and driving in any direction for accurate printing results. You can connect Zuta’s printer via Wi-Fi to smartphones, tablets, laptops and PC’s, and is compatible with Android, iOS, OSX and Windows systems. It has the power to print 300 dpi on any size paper with a printing speed of 1 to 1.2 pages per minute. The rechargeable battery has the capacity to print 60 pages and provide power for about an hour.


How to Print

Zuta makes it easy to print with this innovative printer with the following procedure: 1) Turn on the printer with the on/off switch; 2) Position the corner of the printer on the top-left corner of the paper; 3) Either click “print” or send the document to Zuta’s mobile app; 4) Zuta starts printing. It can also print multiple pages by stopping at the bottom of the first page, then waiting for you to align it at the top of the next one. This is followed by clicking on Zuta’s app to continue printing.


The Zuta pocket printer includes one black ink cartridge that prints about 100+ pages. You can purchase replacement or additional ink cartridges at Zuta’s website at http://www.zutalabs.com/. The estimated cost of one cartridge is $19.90 or you can purchase two of them for $29.90.


Dimensions: 10.2 cm in diameter, 7.5 cm in height
Weight: 350


$250 to $299.00

Where to Buy


Where to Buy



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