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Timeular ZEI Time Tracker – No More Timesheets

Timeular ZEI Time Tracker – No More Timesheets


As many of you know, completing timesheets requires much time and effort. This occupies your valuable time for other important tasks and ultimately it decreases productivity and profits. Tending to timesheets can also result in unreliable results and inaccuracy due to errors and estimations. Overall, it’s a cumbersome routine that interrupts and causes higher costs on a daily basis. Well, not anymore!

What is the Timeular ZEI Time Tracker?

The company, Timeular, has resolved all the problems associated with time keeping with its invention of the ZEI Time Tracker. ZEI is a smart polygon device that wirelessly tracks time fast and precise for eight different activities, projects or clients. All you need to do is create a label for each side then flip it face-up to record the time spent on that task or person. Then you can easily flip ZEI up to another side/label to stop and instantly track a different activity. Then ZEIº fills in your time sheets by a connection to your computer or smartphone, or via wireless Bluetooth. You can apply a different label on each side of the Timeular ZEI polygon with your own text, drawings, symbols, stickers, etc. Timeular includes a pen and stickers to effectively and creatively represent each task or project.

App and Compatibility

The ZEI app/software is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android. It gives you the power to view, define, manage, assign/reassign and report your timed activities for each face of the device. If you forget to turn ZEI off, you can use the mobile app to remotely stop it and edit entries.

The Timeular ZEI Time Tracker was also developed to integrate with other current time tracking systems like Toggl, Harvest, Timeneye, and more. This may require an upgrade to the pro version that also provides weekly reports and many additions. Otherwise the included free version is indeed sufficient with nice reports and the ability to bill clients.


Case color: white, button color black
Size: 100 x 74 x 74 mm
Weight: 70g
Bluetooth: LE 4.0
Battery: 1x CR2032
Material: Case made of polyamid. Black button made of silicon.



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Credits: timeular.com


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