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Quirky Cordies for Cord and Cable Management

Quirky Cordies for Cord and Cable Management


If you’re like the most of us, your workstation contains many cords and cables that derive from your technological equipment and devices. This spaghetti or maze of wires causes clutter, consumes desk space, and even evolves to personal frustration. Thankfully an effective and easy solution is available by Quirky who has created Cordies, a very useful desktop cord and cable manager.

What are Quirky Cordies?

Quirky Cordies serve as weighted anchors on your desktop with five rubber grips and four slots to hold and organize all your cables. They are capable of tightly clasping the ends of several cords, including small ones that can be stacked in the slots. You can also use them to store business cards and similar stationery. The heavy base of Cordies maintains stability and keeps your wires from sliding off your desk. It’s perfect to effectively manage all your wires to computers, devices, charges, and more.


Quirky Cordies are manufactured in dimensions of 3.25″ length x 3.4″ width x 2″ height. They are made of durable rubber materials, but reports have indicated they can smell like industrial chemicals. Considering the functionality and useful characteristics of Cordies, this is a minor issue, but I guess some people have sensitive noses. They are available in black, green, grey, white, teal, and pink to cater to your preferences and environment.


$10 to $15

Where to Buy


Where to Buy



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