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Jincomso Desk Arm Support

Jincomso Desk Arm Support


We spend an extensive period of time at an office workstation in front of a computer. As we all know, the mouse is a standard item we reach for constantly during our computer projects. This requires proper support for our arm and wrist. Sure, the office chair has an armrest and sometimes the chair does not contain one at all. In either case, this arrangement can cause discomfort and medical problems for our desktop limbs. Thankfully, the ergonomic industry has developed a device to prevent these conditions.


Jincomso, a company in the forefront of ergonomics, has created an effective and comfortable arm support that allows you to elevate, balance and position your arm for suitable reinforcement. It is designed to substantially reduce stress on your arm and shoulder, and lower strain on your wrist by 90%.

This useful device fits any desk up to 60mm thick by clamping it on the edge in any location of your workstation. It contains three pivot points and two adjustable hinges to tweak horizontally and vertically. The strong aluminum alloy construction also provides a durable foundation that handles up 22lbs (10kgs)


$40 to $45

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