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iConvert Scanner for iPad Tablet

iConvert Scanner for iPad Tablet


Scanners for copying hard-copies and photos into computers have existed for many years. However, the evolution and development of mobile devices have spawned new types of scanners that adhere to the mobile technologies. This has enabled the scanner industry to create new innovative, practical, efficient and productive scanners that meet the needs of the office.

The iConvert scanner by Brookstone is a compact, easy device that allows you to scan documents directly to your iPad (3rd generation), iPad 2 or iPad tablet in seconds. After attaching your tablet to the scanner, it instantly scans your documents then transfers them to your tablet as e-copies, which are saved as JPEG files. The scans result in high-resolution 300 dpi images for sharp, precise, and clear illustrations–much better quality and details than photographs of documents captured by a camera (yes, people do this).

The iConvert scanner provides instructional prompts of “scan” (with real-time preview), “save” and “delete” for easy operation. The feeder can be adjusted to fit and feed documents from 2″ to 8.5″ in size. With this feature, you will be able to scan everything–important documents, meeting minutes, signed contracts, expense sheets, notes, receipts, business cards, etc.

This scanner is also light-weight, compact and mobile. With a weight of 1.44 lbs. and measuring at 12.1″w X 4.4″d  X  2.8″h , it can easily fit inside a small bag or briefcase during your travels.

Specifications at a Glance

Compatibility: iPad (3rd generation), iPad 2 or iPad tablet
Quality: high-resolution 300 dpi images
Document Sizes: 2″ to 8.5″
Weight of 1.44 lbs.
Size: 12.1″w X 4.4″d  X  2.8″h
App: free iConvert App (requires iOS 4.3 and up to run) at the iTunes AppStore
Power – AC adapter (included)


$47 to $72

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