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Google JamBoard – The Awesome Whiteboard for Businesses

Google JamBoard – The Awesome Whiteboard for Businesses


Google is jamming with its new digital whiteboard called the Jamboard. It’s a remarkable, digital board for true collaboration, interaction, creativity and productivity, which become manifested from Google-facilitated contributions of colleagues. The Jamboard is packed with the necessary technology to enable work teams and meetings to cultivate the best ideas and results across the world–all remotely, simultaneously and in real-time!

Hardware and Tools

Google’s JamBoard is a 4k, 55-inch smart display accompanied with what Googles claims to be the “best-in-class” touchscreen response time. It’s also equipped with speakers, Wi-Fi, and a wide angle 1080P webcam that refreshes at 60 Hertz. Ports include an HDMI 2.0, USB Type C, USB 3.0, a Sony/Philips Digital Interface Format audio connector, and an Ethernet input. Indications also reveal it’s reasonably easy to setup and includes a single-cable, wall-mounting system. Google also appears to offer an optional integrated, mobile stand with impressive style.

In terms of productivity, the JamBoard provides two passive styluses proficient for writing and meticulous drawing. If you lose the styluses, any rubber-tipped one is acceptable, which is a nice factor for compatibility. The included microfiber eraser is for easy expungement and recognized by the board to start over. Jamboard can also distinguish when you’re using your finger to wipe work off.

Software and Abilities

The Google JamBoard connects to the cloud that allows remote access, storage and sharing in a participative, collaborative environment during Jam sessions–the JamBoard term for meeting periods. As part of the G Suite software (formerly Google Apps for Work), JamBoard empowers anyone with an account to initiate a Jam session or participate in one. A person (e.g. meeting originator) can invite members on other JamBoards, as well as smartphones and tablets installed with the Jamboard companion application. All the participants receive a link to the created content on the Google Drive cloud as they can engage in real-time via Google Hangout. Ultimately, the Jam creates a remote cooperation of generated input, ideas and results.

Although the Jamboard is ground-zero, you can host a Jam meeting from a tablet. Research has also informed me that it’s unlikely you can use a laptop or desktop. However, you can utilize these avenues to participate passively or only watch a session via an Internet browser.

Google also revealed that JamBoard will include Instrument, Netflix and Spotify to extend more integration and capabilities. The Internet giant also has plans for an Early Adopter Program to add other G Suite customers.


In addition to developments and creations, Google JamBoard Participants can add text, images, drawings, maps, web pages, Docs, Sheets, Slides and other content to a Jam meeting session. You can insert these elements anywhere from the web and the cloud based on the location of their availability.

JamBoard’s included tools l vike stick notes, stencils and shape recognition are very impressive and useful resources. The shape recognition software provides the “Handwriting Brush” that instantly converts sloppy or illegible handwriting to clean shaped block text. You can also straighten and smooth lines, shapes, symbols, etc. so everything is displayed neatly and spruced.

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