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DeskCycle – Highest Rated Desk Exercise Machine

DeskCycle – Highest Rated Desk Exercise Machine


I performed much research on the web to find the best under-desk exercise machine with the highest reviews. I discovered the DeskCycle desk pedal exercise machine as the clear winner. The DeskCycle on Amazon.com also showcases the best reviews for this type of desk fitness. Overall, the evidence reveals that the DeskCycle is the best in the following areas: features, pedaling resistance and smoothness, quietness, feedback, and stability. Reviews also indicate that it’s safe for your joints and effective in increasing your heart rate and losing weight.

Operation and Resistance

The DeskCycle contains a patented magnetic resistance mechanism and premium parts, which produce a highly smooth, low-impact, and quiet operation. As described below, it also provides eight different levels of resistance that extend more than twice the range of other units.

  • Resistance Range at 60 RPM (15 mph): 12 Watts to 130 Watts
  • Resistance Range at 120 RPM (30 mph): 28 Watts to 394 Watts

Pedaling and Workouts

The DeskCycle is equipped with large comfortable pedals that contain wide adjustable Velcro straps for secureness. When using them, ensure you pedal downward, not forward, to achieve a proper and optimal workout. Also remember that a higher chair targets your hamstrings and glutes, and lower seating concentrates on your quads.


Visual Display

This unit includes an informative display to alert you of your statistics during your workout. It includes your speed, time, distance, calories, as well as scan. Unlike most of these types of machines, the DeskCycle records up to 1000 minutes of activity, which is equivalent to over sixteen hours. It also comes with a feature to access an online calorie calculator.

 Size and Fit

The DeskCycle is designed specifically for under-the-desk workouts. The pedals reach a height of only 10 inches, a length suitable for desks as low as 27 inches. It’s a good fit for someone who is 5′ 7″ or shorter. A taller person can lower his/her chair, sit at a taller desk, and/or move the device forward for a proper fit. The following additional measurements will help with more insights:

  • Product Dimensions: 24 x 20 x 10 inches
  • Width of Legs: Front-20 inches, Rear-15 inches
  • Weight: 23 lbs.


Is it Quiet?

All my reviews have indicated that the DeskCycle is remarkably quiet. The magnetic resistance mechanism was carefully built to create a very quiet machine. As a result, distractions, disruptions and disturbances should not occur during your workout.

 Is it Stable and Solid?

The DeskCycle is made of strong steel with enough weight and a wide base to support the unit. All this, with the fact that it sits at the low center of gravity, keeps it firmly on the surface. Therefore, it should not shift or rock when used properly during your workout. As an added benefit, this product includes a strap to connect to a wheeled chair for solid placement.

Regarding the construction of the DeskCycle, it’s built robustly with a drive mechanism -double axle, twin belt, heavy-duty machined flywheel and 8 sealed bearings. It also does not require any maintenance for many years.




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