Home Technology dataSTICKIES – Sticky-Note Flash Drives can Replace USB Drives!
dataSTICKIES – Sticky-Note Flash Drives can Replace USB Drives!

dataSTICKIES – Sticky-Note Flash Drives can Replace USB Drives!


Just when you thought technology has limits, a ground-breaking innovation is underway for data storage and portability. dataSTICKIES are the newest and hottest topic because they can potentially replace USB drives. As the makers stated, these are the “data sticks to data-that-sticks” and they are making a huge leap for jump drives. They literally look like sticky-notes and can be used and stacked like them, but as a radical new invention in high-capacity mobile data.

What are dataSTICKIES?

dataSTICKIES are the new, innovative flash drives developed as ultra-thin sheets like sticky notes. They contain a Graphene layer in between two protective layers, along with a surface covered with low-stick adhesive that serves as a conductor. The Graphene layer is a newly discovered material in the form of a flat mono-layer of carbon atoms. The atoms are firmly compacted into a two dimensional honeycomb framework, which measures in a thickness of one atom.

The Graphene layer has the remarkable ability to store and carry extremely high volumes of data. This will allow the dataSTICKIES to be produced in 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, etc. sheets for impressive capacities. You can also stick the sheets together to combine theme into one layer of summed GB’s.


dataSTICKIES on Surfaces with Transferable Access

DataSTICKIES are foreseen to easily stick on any computer, mobile device, or anything else with an Optical Data Transfer Surface (ODTS). You will be able to stick multiple ones on a surface by the special adhesive, which is another marvel that recognizes, accesses and transfers the data on them. Hence, bye-bye USB ports. The other option is to stick them on a regular object (desk, report, document, etc.) or inside anything (carry bag/case, wallet, etc.) to access and deliver your files.

Personalization and Portability

DataSTICKIES have an outer layer that empowers you to write anything on them for personalization, notes, messages, specifications, and visual communication. The creators will also offer them in different colors and patterns for fun and easy distinction.

Portability is also a mandatory factor in today’s technological world. dataSTICKIES’ are the new USB flash drives with the size, thinness, and multi-stacking qualities to provide modern mobility and utilization. You can carry, combine, store, and use them anywhere, anytime, and with anyone.

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